Eva Lahti

My Background:
I received an MA in Architecture and Design at the Royal College of Art in London (1987-1989) after my degree in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki, Finland (1983-1987). In addition to working with the architects for the De Beers extension project in the City, designing the Directorsí Floor and the Entrance Hall, as well as the Anglo-American floor, I have since worked on a range of design projects. I have quite a diverse background; I also trained in holistic and Chinese medicine, as well as animal behaviour in my search for understanding of the world we live in, and what makes people tick.

My Inspiration:
Years of receiving clear visions of completed works of art have compelled me to follow a childhood passion for drawing and take that further into painting, which my original training didnít cover. I paint mainly in oils, as I love the smell and feel of them and am continually fascinated by the variety of finishes and effects possible with this medium. A more recent facet of my work is experimental 3D work; I have studied sculpture at the School of Creative Arts at Hatfield University, because sculpture techniques and materials provide an interesting and inspiring extension into how to breathe life into some of my visions. The inspiration for my original artwork stems from these visions, as well as meditation and healing practices. People, along with the deep responses to our own and othersí emotions, continue to fascinate me as a subject. My focus is to create art to inspire others to see the beauty around us, whether it is in the human or other natural form. I have an overflowing love of nature, spend a lot of time outdoors and have great fun exploring the Gestalt Effect. I feel that the interdisciplinary approach to my work and my experience in diverse areas of life and a variety of design disciplines help enrich the quality and depth of my work. I accept and welcome commissions. Hand finished Limited Edition Prints of my work are also available.

Burloes Farm Studios, Burloes Farm, Royston, SG8 9NE Tel: 01763 250322